We’re progressing nicely through January, desperately looking for signs of Spring and rejoicing every evening when we notice those extra few seconds of daylight we appear to be flying along already.

As I spoke to my Mum today about James turning 15 this year, she reminded me that’s is still ages away – but we both agreed that time will fly and it’ll be here before we know it.

But what will we have achieved in those 8 months? I hope to have completed my Level 4 course and able to diagnose injuries, the kids hope to be doing well in school and achieving their goals out of school and Perry hopes to have been able to read at least 3 books and a newspaper having relaxed solidly on our family holiday. We all have goals, & we all think we’ve got loads of time to reach them but because we enjoy reaching them, the time doesn’t ‘arf go quickly!!!

Take a step back occasionally, just for a few seconds, ensure you reflect, recalibrate & step back in re-energised.

Will someone remind me of this about March time please?!!

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