When Lady Luck is on your side

This week we’ve been taken to Malaysia & no.9 on the sports listing.

Back to football & the story leads with Napoli returning to the top of Serie A with Osimhan scoring the winning goal in the 81st minute after scoring for his country last week and as always, I’ve read the story to get my hook!

There’s something to be said for taking the advantage when Lady Luck is on your side. Osimhan must be feeling 10 feet tall at the moment & I wonder whether anything else has gone his way this week?

When the world is turning in our favour, we must make the most of it; grab what you can! Whilst Osimhan is scoring goals you can be (pretty much) sure that his training is going well and he’s in a ‘good place’.

It lifts our spirits when things go well & that makes the whole world a better place. Hopefully this is then infectious and we end up with a Happiness Pandemic caused by Osimhan having a goal scoring streak!

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