When Batfink is your hero!

This week we’ve been taken to Russia & no.2 on the sports listing. Women’s tennis and the crushing reminder that we are not out of woods with the Covid pandemic yet!

One of Russia’s Tennis stars has had to withdraw from a tournament due to testing positive for Covid.

This is an issue that is facing many people at the moment. I know of people who weren’t able to take part in the London Marathon yesterday due to positive tests. Many school students are away from school due to testing positive.

But Covid isn’t the only thing causing unnecessary hurdles at the moment, injury, (other) illness, car mechanical failure, life! Everyday we face challenges that mean we can’t take the path we’d hoped, and to get to our goal we have to take a diversion or even change our final destination. We’ve all become quite good at that haven’t we, bating off new hurdles – but if you ever feel like your getting through the day dressed as Batfink jumping hurdles like Colin Jackson, then I can bet your last dollar that you’re not the only one in that race!

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