Well I didn’t expect that!

I entered Hadleigh 10 mile race at the beginning of October in a moment when I felt the need to enter a race.

Then ‘life’ happened & I didn’t get the miles in for the training I wanted to. Fast forward then to during last week and it got to Wednesday and I still hadn’t made my mind up whether I was going to DNS or not (Did Not Start).

Then I had a client last week who changed my perspective on the whole day & all of a sudden, I was back in the zone & looking forward to running it.

So, watch on, trainers on and layers on (it was very chilly!) I hit the streets of Hadleigh for a very enjoyable 10 miles. Came across friends Liz & Colette just after mile 1 where for the next 7

miles we put the world to rights and a smile on our faces. The hill at mile 8 beat me and Liz, Colette powered through whilst Liz and I took in the views!! But we did it & the medal hangs proudly on my medal hanger.

The moral of this story then is you may be coming to me for a massage and to destress, but never underestimate the effect you have on me as your therapist, & I love that totally unexpected side of the job!

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  1. Inspirational reading. Well done.
    Looking forward to seeing the next one.

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