Third time lucky…

I promised an update on my knee, so here it is!

Before I went to my MRI follow up appointment, I was told “good luck” – made me realise, that I wasn’t sure what I wanted the outcome to be!  The knee is generally uncomfortable all the time, so having ‘anything’ done to it will be better than nothing!

Anyway, the outcome is more surgery.  Hence the title – 3rd time lucky!!

I’m making use of the surgeons time; no point putting me under general anaesthetic for a scrape and polish, so he will attempt a repair on my torn cartilage, remove excess scar tissue and the icing on the cake, is to investigate and remove a cyclops on my new ACL graft.  This is main cause of surgery.  A cyclops lesion occurs in 4% of ACL graft reconstructions (depending which research documents you read!).  If I’m honest, I’d have rather won the lottery with odds that low.  Its essentially a cyst that has grown and is squished to a point where it looks like it has an eye.  The cyst has grown into the joint space that is there to help you straighten your knee and get full extension.  This is why although I can get full extension, it is painful to maintain it for any longer than a few seconds.  I believe it will just be sliced off and my third eye removed!

I then made a cheeky ask; because if you don’t ask, you don’t get!  Talking to students at school, working in my treatment room and during Pilates classes all require me to have to get on my knees.  All scenarios which are made harder due to the fact I have a screw and a staple in the very top of my shin bone, which when I’m on the floor are pressing into the bone.  These are in there from the original ACL graft I had in February 2019 which a year on, should have done their job; so they are coming out.  I am stupidly excited about this, even if it means bigger incisions and more stitches the longer-term outcomes will be worth it.

Recovery from this next operation will be much the same as operation number 2 I am guessing, a couple of days on crutches before being mobile again.  The fact I shall be left with 3 little holes in my bones will probably mean I should stay off it a little longer to allow some bone regrowth before I start trying to walk distance on it etc.

I am continuing with Pilates, cycling and walking right up to the surgery date.  Having a good level and fitness and muscle strength will help me recover quicker and mean I can get back to doing these things sooner rather than later.

Operation date is 18th March.  I could have had it earlier, but it would have interfered with some plans I have with friends and I wasn’t going to miss that, so I postponed it a few weeks.

Outlook is positive; its still just a left knee at the end of the day and it could be a heck of a lot worse!

Keep going!


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