The Climb

I’ve been to the gym on a Sunday evening – not sure I’ve ever done that before; usually a time for last bit of relaxing & getting ready for the new working week. But there you go; patterns are there to be broken!

Our daughter is up at Snape Maltings Concert Hall today for the first technical rehearsal in situ before the show starts next Friday. A very excited young lady left at midday & she’s not due home till 11pm. Times that excitement by 100 to get the full appreciation of just what kind of atmosphere must be up at Snape today.

Friends and family have also taken part in their own challenges this weekend; our son yesterday took part in a cross country in a Suffolk Schools competition. He raced well and was delighted with his run; given the horizontal rain & windchill that’s a win win situation!

So back to me at the gym – I have my own challenges ahead of me in 2019, but as I was cooling down on the static bike, a song called “The Climb” came on. It was 4 minutes of total and utter reflection on what I’ve heard about from achievements all around the world this weekend and the challenges that lay ahead for everyone Sometimes a song resonates; & for me, this was it.

Enjoy your climbs people; they define you after all!

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