Success, fluke or hard work?

This week we’ve been taken to Saudi Arabia & story number 7 from the sports pages!

It’s a story about the Saudi Professional Football League. The journalist goes into five different things that learned this week and details individual players and their challenges throughout the matches.

I took each point and have made it my own…

  1. Teamwork.
  2. Coping with loss
  3. Under pressure to win
  4. Under pressure not to lose
  5. Peaking to soon.

We can all associate with these five points they don’t just resonate in sport.

My family home is a team effort. We all play our part, whether it be cooking, cleaning, sorting, running errands (removing spiders, not me that one!). We all bring something to the mix which makes someone else’s life in the house simpler.

Coping with loss – again not just in sport. Maybe a question was wrong in the homework, or a client couldn’t do something they wanted to because of injury.  How we deal with that loss is what makes us; our coping strategies all vary & acknowledging that one person’s coping strategy is different to ours is a big step in making us better people.

Under pressure to win & not lose can be grouped together.  Imagine, all our Year 11 students are being nurtured to get the best grades they can, but ultimately, the aim is to not retake.  No wonder they’re feeling the pressure.

Have we peaked to soon? I’m going with a personal sporting reference here. A few years ago, I was running well across a number of distances.  After serious injury, I am doing a form of on/off running that I am loving.  So did I peak before the injury, or am I peaking now when I am enjoying my runs when realistically I shouldn’t be running at all? It’s a question of perspective and ultimately what support I have from accepting I need points 1-4 in order to do it.

Success isn’t just a fluke, or an overnight occurrence, and doesn’t always mean you stand at the top of the podium, it’s a oersonal jigsaw puzzle and when it’s complete, it looks fantastic!

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