Sour grapes?!

This week we’ve been taken to UK & no.2 on the sports listing. An easy look on my BBC News App this time!

We have ventured into F1. The story revolves around one team commenting on how another team has seemingly got more speed for their engine – something which is against the F1 rules mid season. They’re basically accusing them of cheating aren’t they?

Is this sour grapes or have the team in question really just managed their engine better? Knowing what goes on behind the doors of our competition is always in the back of our minds; personally, there’s enough in my life bucket without concerning myself as to the content of someone else’s; but there are times when buckets collide and we catch a glimpse of the overspill. Has this particular F1 team shown to much or is it just the case of they’re all at it, but they’re the only ones who have been caught out?

Is it time we all showed our true colours? I’ve been meaning to update my business profile to let my potential clients aware of what really goes on behind my closed door; it’s not a secret after all!!

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