So how’s 2019 going for you?!

So far i’ve danced in my living room went to bed late; got up early, RD’d at Kesgrave parkrun, jogged round Felixstowe parkrun & at 5pm in the afternoon I’m about to enter the world of PJs before eating dinner.

I’m booked into my first spin class of 2019 next Monday and am hopeful to get to the gym at some point over the weekend. Maybe even for a swim (I’m not natural swimmer!) – it’s written down, so I have to do it now!!

Tomorrow sees the return to reality with clients booked in; but I’m hopeful to also see a friend for coffee and get some routine jobs done. Having had some time off, I’m looking forward to getting back into my treatment room again and getting some focus back.

So, 2019…’s been a good first 17 hours so far; you’ve got a lot to live up to!!

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