Reserved for Sports Masseur – my own parking space!

Yesterday I spent the day in Thorpness at the Heritage Coast Marathon, I was massaging, not running! I arrived early & got set up to make sure people knew I was there for when they finished. Also my son was running so he had to get his number! I knew in advance it was just going to be me – so the opportunity to sit and talk to Terry and David from the Rotary Club was much appreciated. Once the first runner came through it was non stop. Losing track of time was common place; but I think I managed to stick to the 10-15 minutes quoted on the advert! Some people were disappointed at the the length of the queue; but understood it was inevitable at such a large event with just one masseur.

You may wonder how a post race treatment differs to that of one you may book in for. Post race is all about relaxing the muscles and removing any lactic acid build up that may have occurred (making the day after that little bit easier!). One person on my couch yesterday commented on how ‘light’ the Massage was. I explained that I was ‘tuned’ yesterday to be gentle and that a massage in the treatment room can be very different depending where the client was in a race plan. For example; I wouldn’t undertake deep massage with a good muscle group stretching 3 days pre-race; it’s about knowing and understanding client needs.

I massaged pretty much solidly till 3:30pm. I had to leave shortly after to watch my daughter in a dance show. A welcomed sit down!

Yesterday I managed to speak to Terry, David, Owen, Keir, Tony & the PA guy, all from the Rotary Club. What an amazing bunch of people. Totally committed to bringing just under a 1000 runners a brilliant & relaxed running event that rivals any I’ve been to and participated in.

Money was being raised for 3 charities all day yesterday & the massaging helped raise £111 towards whatever the final total will be. I am very chuffed with that.

Star prize has to go to the group of volunteers in the food marquee though. They were busy when I arrived at 8:50am and were still going when I left at 3:45pm….totally cool and calm through out it all. Amazing!!


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