Random story generator!

Even Messi uses an ice pack!

Creating content to go on a business social page is difficult. It’s like trying to reinvent the wheel and make yourself stand out.

I’ve tried to think outside the box with my content in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Here is my next effort!!

I will select a country and a number between 1 and 10 & to the relevant sports section of their newspaper website depending on what number has been chosen.

First spin! Argentina, 2.

The Internet has directed me to the Buenos Aires Times newspaper and the second news story is about Argentina’s ‘World Cup Qualifying Marathon’.  My hook has come from Lionel Messi receiving an injury scare from a nasty stud up challenge by another player that left him unable to stand afterwards.  A blurry picture is all I could find that I can’t show you for copyright reasons!

Messi’s foot is on the ground at point of impact, creating a grounded point, by the foot impacting just below the knee, an opposing force has been created, pushing the tibia (shin bone) in the opposite direction the femur (thigh bone) is going. This could go terribly wrong for the ligaments of the knee, particularly the ACL and PCL who work tirelessly together to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t happen. The forces generated here are huge, remembering school physics, the speed of both players in combined together, it’s safe to estimate an impact speed of 15-18mph; you’d damage your car at that speed so no wonder the poor guy couldn’t stand for a bit.

Messi’s medical team will have sprung into action. Cryotherapy (an ice pack!) would have been applied at the scene and immobilisation – then straight to a hospital for scans before any major swelling sets in (swelling would mean scans delayed). Reports say that Messi will be fit to play again soon, therefore we can safely conclude that he has escaped without needing any major treatment and is probably left with a monster shaped bruise in the shape of studs on his shin; a lucky escape. His treatment plan will now be carefully managed by his club and country to ensure his quick return, but remember, even Lionel Messi uses an ice pack!

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