Psychology of injury rehab…

During my training I spent time learning about the psychology of the injured athlete. It was written on paper and we had discussions about the brains impact, implications etc.. You sit a test, pass an exam and ‘boom’ – you’re qualified.

Or so you think.

When I hurt my knee on 1st February, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would still be as ‘injured’ as I am 4 months on. Recovering from major surgery after a multi trauma event is quite possibly one of the toughest things I have ever had to do. I’d like to say there are highs and lows, but as I write, I am struggling to think of highs, because to me, the ultimate high is being able to put on my trainers and just run & run & that is an extremely long way in the future.

I turn this round into “how will this make me a better therapist”? Because it’s got to right?! Not just with knee anatomy, but with functionality, exercises and rehab. But where I feel I can now excel is that I can truly understand what clients feel when they have to be told to ‘rest up’ or ease back. I can talk to clients honestly about the rollercoaster that they’re about to ride. The do’s & the dont’s. Rehab after a serious injury is tough, tiring and torturous. Perhaps someone told me that this is how it would be, but I don’t recall it.

If you’re in my boat, row with me, we can make this rehab cruise a little easier together because let’s face it, our goal is the same to get back to whatever it was we love to do & ideally, better than ever!



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