On the job training

On Friday 1st Feb I decided not to eat chocolate for 27 days.
1st Feb I also decided to carefully and cautiously join a group of students playing basketball. Just to make up the numbers. Cautiously, because I know it’s bad for me from a previous attempt.
Sadly it would appear that even carefully and cautiously I shouldn’t play basketball.
I dislocated my knee. Swore, sweated, stressed and deliriously tried to carry on my day & weekend with self management of symptoms and sheer determination.
Monday 4th Feb and I couldn’t control the swelling so I sought help. Fast forward 9 days and today I got the result of an MRI. My knee is quite wrecked. In fairness, there’s numerous other ligaments and parts of the cartilage I could’ve damaged, so I guess it could’ve been worse….
But; taking the positives, its been a great way for me to learn more and more about knee anatomy.  I’ve been in front of many professionals and have asked lots of questions; my knee knowledge has been tested & I shall learn from a great team of people about rehab.
So, it’s time to join me on my new journey. Sadly Jersey triathlon is not looking likely. But let’s face the battle of rehab arm in arm, and most definitely not skipping down the road……
Below is the summary of my MRI results.
& yes; 13 days in & still no chocolate.

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