New challenge for 2019

Keeping a diary (or blog as they’re called nowadays I guess!) kept me on track for a training schedule once before; so I’m going to try it again. This time, I shall openly blog it though…


June 16th – Jersey Sprint Triathlon is the target.

750m sea swim / 40km bike ride / 5km run.

I won’t be alone; I’ll have good friends with me out there; I’ll let them decide if they want to be named!

So today I went out for a little jog. Been over a week since I last went out wearing running trainers. New trainers today though, new year (almost!); so let’s get this party started!

Weight; can’t find the scales under pile of washing, so nope, not going there!

Attitude; confidence low, but willing is high. I just hope I don’t spend more time on the injury bench like 2018.

Activity; 1 min walk warm up. Then 30 secs run / 30 secs walk x 20. 1 min walk cool down.

Rationale; new trainers and confidence low = need to build up confidence to avoid illness and injury and make sure new trainers are ok. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Before and after photo attached – I’ll keep you guessing which ones which!!

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  1. Baby steps to get back to where you were!!

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