So I’ve run a marathon.  Now what?

So I’ve run a marathon.  Now what?

This is the question many marathon runners will have asked themselves today.  I have experience in running marathons and know that what I went through mentally after my first one was tough.  Whilst training I had structure, support, a plan.  The marathon is over, now what?  What should I do when I get home from work, do I need to run for 58 minutes whilst my child plays sport for an hour on a damp Monday evening?

My parents have fed the kids every Wednesday for 12 weeks so I could do a mid week long run after work; do they still want to do that?  Please can someone tell me what to do because I am lost and see no reason or purpose to run.

This was me in 2011.  It took 6 months for me to see light at the end of the tunnel.  Running needed to have a purpose again and it took me a while to find my motivation and get my trainers on again and enjoy what running meant to me.  What worked for me, might not work for you but have faith in your body and mind that you will be able to just run for you again and it’ll be ok to answer ‘no’ when someone asks you if you’re training for an event.

I’ll happily talk to anyone who is in this place at the moment & it doesn’t just happen to runners; drop me line & we can meet for a cuppa or just exchange thoughts and ideas, just don’t be scared of what lies ahead, embrace the change when you’re ready, it’ll be ok.

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