Highlighting your weaknesses… 🤔🤔

This week we’ve been taken to Ireland & no.10 on the sports listing. Women’s rugby and a defeat to the Scots in a World Cup Qualification match.

I like to read through these articles multiple times to find words or phrases that stand out; this weeks is:

“We’ve struggled with our set-piece this whole tournament”

I know little of Irish Women’s Rugby, so can’t comment on this teams performance – but I can say that if your opponents know your weaknesses, then surely they’ll attack them? Confidence in playing the game will get you half way there, if your opponents sense a chink in your armour, then they’ll grab you by that chink & force you out, won’t they?

Yet again this is an analogy that can be translated into daily life. Do we tell our work colleagues if we are having a bad day? Do the pros of declaring this information outweigh the cons? I guess a lot would depend on your work.

Certainly food for thought though isn’t it. Is it ever a good idea to highlight your weaknesses in a competitive environment?

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