When fantastic opportunities come your way, you’ve just got to take them!

Sometimes in life, you just have to be in the right place at the right time and grab an opportunity.  A friend and I contacted the ‘Living In’ magazine about buying some advertising space in this magazine.  Fast forward a month or two, and the fantastic opportunity to have a double page article published about me and my business has happened and all because I work from home!  (My friend has been told they hope to write something about her in another edition!)

Two things put me right out my comfort zone with this article.  Firstly, I am not comfortable talking about ‘me’.  But, I have worked really hard over the last couple of years to get my qualifications & now is the time to put that same amount of effort into promoting my business and helping my clients to achieve their goals, so I’ve had to get comfortable about it!  Secondly – our house; it is lived in; with Perry and I both working from home, there is nearly always someone in, which means a coffee cup on the side, bags and shoes in the hallway, and a random shoe left on the living room floor.  Getting the house ‘show room ready’ was daunting, but I think we did a good job!

I feel privileged to be involved with a magazine that is written by local people, for local people, delivered by local people and read by the very people whom I can help, and do help.

If you’d like to book an appointment, then there are many ways to get hold of me.  I list my available appointments on my Facebook page (generally for the month ahead) so you can send me a message & my phone number is on the ‘contact me‘ page of my website.  You can try calling, but I am world famous for not answering the phone; a business skill I need to improve on!

If you’ve had the magazine put through your door, please read it.  If you don’t live locally, then I’ve attached my article so you can read it here… Living In Magazine November 2018.

What a crazy world we live in to think that something like this can happen to me……

#becausemusclesmatter #keepitlocal

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