Comfort Zone

Me and my comfort zone have had a BIG fall out. It happened on Sunday although in the week leading up to it there were some horrid arguments. My comfort zone and I took a trip to London (with my husband and kids) to run in a 10k race. My comfort zone wanted me to take it easy, we’d had a tough week and it wanted me to enjoy the run & soak up the atmosphere. Me however, well I appeared to have other ideas that I also wasn’t aware of. I ran in a way which scared my comfort zone off into the distance & thankfully it hasn’t come back. I ran a good race, a respectable time and felt good about my achievement. With my comfort zone running in the opposite direction, I’ve been able to think about the arguments I had with it in the week proceeding it. Those ‘barriers to learning’ (you can tell I work in a school as well!) have also come down – the end goal is in sight and the starting gun has been fired; we are off!!!!

Comfort Zone – consider yourself banished!!

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