2020 – year of commitment

This morning I took my daughter and her friends to their rehearsals for their next adventure with Co-Op Juniors.

This is nothing out of the ordinary and I can be found doing this particular route quite regularly!  The passion and commitment the girls had in the back of the car this morning was noticeably different.  They had a challenging rehearsal today, under the spotlight somewhat and they used the car journey to ensure they were all committed to the day ahead, warming up their voices and getting into the zone that they knew they needed for the day.

But I saw this level of commitment not just in the car today, but all around me.  It was 9:30am when I left the house.  Before I was even quarter of a mile from home, I saw the red fresh faces of junior parkrunners who had completed a run before I had even had my morning coffee.  Then there were runners, I couldn’t quite believe how many runners I saw running round Grange Farm this morning; they just kept coming.  Quick runners, solo runners, runners in groups with friends, runners with their dogs.  Then as I near the hospital I saw a good friend out running whom I’ve not run with for over a year.  I can’t wait to run with her again.  Move on to Colchester Road and its cyclists I begin to see.  My son was in the car with me and we played “spot the cyclist who got new gear for Christmas” as their hi-vis shone brighter than the sun!  I saw two Kesgrave parkrunners as I neared Valley Road.  I wonder if it was Kesgrave parkrun that bought them together, or did they know each other before?

The journey home I saw just as many runners and cyclists, and undoubtedly in the cars were parents taking their children to clubs, races, competitions and other activities that their kids have worked hard for.

The moral or this?  Commitment is with us 7 days a week; Sunday is not ‘sofa-day’, it’s another day we can use to make ourselves better.  Commitment is not just about what we want to achieve.  We have to be committed to helping our friends and family achieve.  In those groups of runners and cyclists I saw this morning, I would bet money on there being more than one of those who only got out of bed at the time they did was because they have committed to their friends they were going to go and didn’t want to let them down.

As we picked the girls up this afternoon they were full of tales of how they coped under the spotlight.  Jelly legs and dry throats were laughed about but also hearing comments like “we gave each other a confidence talk” and “I was there with your water ready for when you finished” highlighted the level of support and commitment they have to each other. They all had their own agendas today, but the bottom line was that they were all in it together.

Being committed to a cause takes us to places we can’t imagine.

Where will 2020 take you?

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  1. Love reading your blogs Jen – straight from the heart and true to life for so many. 2020 we’ve got this!

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