Soft Tissue Therapy by Jen Evans


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Soft Tissue Therapy by Jen Evans, providing Sports Massage & Sports injury treatment and advice #becausemusclesmatter

I am fully qualified to be able to identify and treat new injuries, help repair existing conditions, to help prevent sports related muscular skeletal problems and provide advice and guidance on how to keep injury free as much as possible.

My remit of expertise includes using your muscles and joints to assess functional blocks, through postural assessments, joint mobilisation testing and soft tissue stretching and repair techniques. I am committed to enhancing my tool-box of expertise and am fully qualified in Taping for Sport and Dry Cupping amongst other new and exciting treatment methods.

Included in my study was the psychology of sports injuries. This is of particular interest to me as I have suffered a serious knee injury myself. I feel that this has given me a hands on insight in what it feels to be told “you cant participate in the thing you love” and the coping strategies around getting back to your renewed goals. This has also given me the opportunity to learn far more about the knee joint than I ever thought I would need to!

Having been a successful runner for over 30 years over many distances, I can provide advice and guidance on your training plans for any distance and be a mentor to you as you embark on your challenges; but the beauty of being involved in sports most of my life is that I am adaptable so I’m more than happy to work with your sport and learn about something new as we work together.

Regular Sports Massage sessions are a great way of preventing injury, helping to keep muscles healthy and strong. Although I don’t use aromatherapy oils, I do use either a massage lotion or an oil to assist with getting the best benefit I can to you.

This relaxing atmosphere is something I am proud of. I work from my family home so expect a relaxed atmosphere from the moment you walk through the door.

I look forward to welcoming you into my treatment room and helping you reach your personal goals